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ML Hockey Development offers hockey development in the West Island, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We provide hockey development and training to teams and individual players seeking to improve their skills on and off the ice. We offer private sessions, semi-private sessions, offense clinics, defense clinics, and team training. Rent ice with trainer in West Island. Want to take your hockey skills to the next level? Contact us today!

ML Hockey doesn’t just do skating and skill development, we take the time to help the athlete understand what they are doing and when to use those technical skills in tactical situations. We understand that skill development is a very important part of player growth. Mlhockey strives to make sure that those skills are always finely tuned and forever expanding as the player progress from novice to the elite/professional level. To book: private sessions, small group sessions and team practices contact: for more details.

ML Hockey focuses on building championship habits. We help with skating, shooting, passing, stick handling techniques and player positioning. We provide a customizable training plan to focus on the athlete’s specific skill need. More reps in drills, break down the technique of the skill and help the athlete understand when and why to use this specific skill set in game situations. You will receive immediate feedback during drills throughout the session. Video analysis. We believe in showing the player where they can improve, instead of only telling them. The coach will not only be able to tell the player how to correct their technique but with video tools is able to show the athlete on a visual aspect. Judgement free zone. Creativity is encouraged!